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“Pull Your Stats To The Top”

AMWAY review has credibility for being a great business in the DSA or MLM sector due to the fact that they have actually been around for so long. If you personally have actually attempted the products and also believe they excel, after that this might be an excellent business for you to sign up with. Nevertheless, you must know that individuals making big money in the firm are the ones that grow their team.

If you plan to offer products just, this will only give some side cash money for you. If you prepare to hire individuals into the company, you require intent on the best ways to hire beyond your network of friends/family/coworkers because an organization must be able to depend on its very own– not reliant on your friends to buy your things!

AMWAY business has actually been undertaking modifications in a recent couple of years due to a claim. This has resulted in a lowered quantity of pressure for suppliers to buy items as well as training, in addition to much less buzz in their sales claims. I personally discover it except that the company is making these adjustments! I am really rough in my NETWORK MARKETING business reviews, as well as normally, 2 of my large complaints are that IBOs are needed to purchase items on auto-ship which the items they offer do not satisfy assumptions.

Mentioning items, the primary various another thing I like about AMWAY is its items. The firm does use a wide range of items, as well as there is absolutely still a need for them. This company has been around because 1959, and also although it’s undergone modifications throughout the years, I don’t believe it could have endured this long on buzz alone.

Is AMWAY A Fraud?

Is AMWAY A Scam? AMWAY is not a fraud. AMWAY is a legit company and its organization design is around reference-based marketing (MLM/direct sales sector) rather than spending for marketing, signboards, television commercials, and so on. They pay their IBO’s or suppliers a little payment for helping them obtain the word out when somebody acquires a product from that IBO.

The factor you may be assuming that it’s a fraud or pyramid system is because you have actually heard of someone that really did not earn money with the company or that you don’t wish to lose money. The rip-off claims happen from IBO’s who do not find any kind of success with their organization. Now, remember.

The majority of AMWAY IBO’s have no abilities or knowledge of how you can run an effective business. So, they aren’t sure anything regarding recruiting, funding, shutting, destination marketing, generating leads, and constructing a successful business.

This brings about them thinking AMWAY is a scam or previous reps wind up giving the business a poor online reputation since they say the AMWAY rip-off holds true which it is not.

Can you really generate income with AMWAY though? The response is YES, but you require a game plan as well as advertising approach in order to generate web traffic, leads, close sales,

as well as grow your business/team of consumers as well as IBO’s. Click here!

The AMWAY Organization Design

Like a lot of Network marketing, there are 2 facets to constructing a service with AMWAY. There’s the product retailing and afterward, there is the recruiting of leads to build your downline as well as increase your earnings.

With AMWAY, you’re told to utilize the items and change everything you would normally purchase with stuff from AMWAY. It’s supposed to conserve you cash, boost your life and at the same time, make you some money.

Factors are awarded for items you market, and a compensation check is sent out to you based upon how many factors you make. This remains in enhancement to the revenue you make on products marketed. As you construct your network, you’re advertised to various degrees which assists raise the earnings you’re obtaining.

AMWAY has lots of various items for you to select from consisting of fat burning, residence items like their air cleaner and water purification system, Nutrilite nutritional supplements, charm products, cleaning products as well as several others.

You can likewise opt to retail items (just like affiliate advertising and marketing), from AMWAY companion stores like Sears, Barnes & Noble, Finest Buy, Office Depot, K-Mart as well as much more.

So, you could essentially offer anything that somebody might need through your AMWAY business and also make money.

If you resembled me when I was given this possibility at that time as well as you aimed to sell every as well as anything depending on the requirements of the person you were targeting.

Usually, I would hand them a catalog since I really did not truly understand exactly what they actually needed, or I would try to reveal them the strategy.

This result in an extremely frustrating experience for me and I wound up quitting. Like a lot of other individuals.

The trouble is that lots of people who sign up with AMWAY do unknown the key to marketing the items and their upline do not educate them


Although it economical to start an AMWAY organization, the expense in preserving it is fairly high up on a regular monthly basis about other business in the network marketing particular niche as a result of the inadequate point to dollar proportion. Expect to be in the red for quite a time due to this truth.

As a simple offline network marketing firm, AMWAY can be profitable from a retail sales standpoint, however, the actual money and also leverage comes from developing groups of leaders, not slinging item.

The Joy of Creating for Writers and Author-preneurs

There is a joy of creating for authors, inventors, anyone with a goal achieved.

Writers and Authors run into a funny feeling when they finish writing the book they started. Even when it’s just a first draft and they know they still have hours of work ahead.

It’s the same when a craftsman finishes a fine piece of handwork or art, when a good mechanic gets something running again, when any inventor or programmer comes up with a model that works.

When you set your goal out in front of you, and assume it’s already accomplished — a funny thing happens.

There is a feeling that replaces all fears, doubts, and uncertainties. Like these were things of the past.

This is the fuel of courage.

And the bigger the goal, as long as you can get behind it and consider it achievable, the greater that feeling. This then makes the fears, doubts, and uncertainties you carry with you — all diminish or disappear.

You won’t see it until you believe it. Belief comes first.

You can do this with baby steps. Take a simple thing you want in life and then consider it done. Write it down, along with what value you will give to get it. Review that paper at least twice daily and get that feeling every time you do. Reading it out loud helps. And practice getting this feeling every time you think of that achieved goal during the day. Eventually, what you want will come to pass.

Once you have that success, then you pick something else, something bigger. Same approach: write it down, write what you’re going to give in exchange, work out your plan and start executing that plan immediately. And get that joy of creating, of accomplishment every time you think of that goal achieved.

This is all in Earl Nightingale’s “Strangest Secret” recording. And it’s in Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”. But it also runs through all our philosophy and religious texts — even before recorded history.

It’s a strange secret because it’s “hidden in plain sight.” Every successful person you have every heard of knew and used some version of this.

And why Hill studied over 500 achievers to distill that practical philosophy. Why Stephen Covey came up with his own version after studying 200 years of American self-improvement philosophy. What Jim Rohn studied and learned before he became famous for talking about it — and what he trained Tony Robbins and others.

Accomplishment is satisfying. And by practicing getting that feeling of satisfaction, you banish all fear, doubt, and uncertainty. You become courageous, definite, certain — and these attitudes spread to anything and everything you do.

You’ve probably met people like this. Rare, but they are around.

They’re calm, cheerful, expectant. All the time. Because they know that strange secret.

And you can, too. It takes practice. But the second best time to start is now.

And we are LIVE

Photo by Kelsey Knight on Unsplash

Well, it’s been a long road since we launched as ‘The Bazaar Network’ last year. While trying to figure it all out, we knew one thing. We knew that we were doing the RIGHT thing for the E-commerce community.

We definitely made a few mistakes, put time and resources in to features that proved to be not as important as others (for now…), but finally we are ready to announce our latest and greatest iteration…

Bazaar Benefits

An online benefits network for E-Commerce professionals. What does that mean? Simple.
Users receive over $10,000 (INR 700,000) worth of discounts from our growing number of partners. And we’ve got some great partners, coving some expensive pain points for online store owners. Seriously, it looks like we’re putting out the Coachella lineup for Discounts. Take a look:

🖤 Shipping and Logistics? DHL E-Commerce are offering 20% off international shipping rates.
🖤Outsourcing? We’ve got freeeup, HeyCarson, and GenM for all your VA’s, marketing interns, and customer service needs.
🖤Product sourcing, you say? Well look no further than Printrove for your Print-On-Demand needs, and Spocket, and Importify for your dropshipping products.

With other big names like CIS, Promo, Loox, Okendo, and the amazing team at Pushowl, we are growing this benefits network FOR the E-Commerce community, and no one else.

This also heralds the announcement of our partnership with IIEC, the Indian Institute of E-Commerce. They are an amazing group who are hyper-focused on generating as many valuable resources as possible to help the Indian E-Commerce market grow even faster than what it is.

So, instead of going in depth in to some ‘guru-esque’ pitch about how you should stay tuned for daily updates on everything I do… just check out our site. Subscribe, and let the value speak for itself.

I’m not saying I won’t post often, I’m not saying I will. I know how important content is for ranking highly, especially for E-commerce, but I think we all know there’s enough bullshit out there flooding this industry. I don’t want to add to it. Feel free to share this around though. That’d be swell.

Much love from us at Bazaar, and especially from me personally, Matt.

Oh, ps. We have a kick-ass industry report for 2019 E-Commerce markets between Aussies and India. If you want to sell in/to either of these markets, it’s a free resource and you can check out our little helper bot HERE. Testing it out, want to make sure it’s fluent in customer service 😉


How to Turn a Freelance Business into an Empire

Are you a freelancer with a dream of turning your freelance business into an empire? There are many people who dream of becoming the next Aliko Dangote, Bill Gate or Mark Zuckerberg. They dream of building their own successful business empire. Unfortunately, many of them have no idea how to turn this dream into reality.

Majority of businesses fail to build an empire not knowing why. Some are already on the verge of failing and they are looking for how to sustain themselves.

This article is not for those already in business with staff and are looking for how to grow it, it is for self-made entrepreneurs. If you are an entrepreneur or a freelancer still hustling and you want to turn your freelance business into something big where you will be making enough money monthly, you need to read this post to the end and take action.

I want to share with you how you can build a successful business from whatever you are doing right now. I started my freelance writing business (now Weebo Media) as a side business just to make extra income while as a school mathematics teacher.

Today, it is registered and employs other freelance writers on board generating 6 figures monthly and it is still growing exponentially.

How was I able to turn a one-man business into a business that now employs up to 5 writers?

Here was what I did and what you should do too if you want the same result or better one.

1. See Yourself as a Business Owner and not an Independent Contractor

The number reason why most entrepreneurs never grow a successful business is that they choose to work in the business and not on the business. They are comfortable running the business all by themselves, doing everything that should keep the business going.

This is wrong!

This was not my mentality when I started as a freelance writer. I have always wanted to work less and earn more. While I was even writing for small fees, I still hired other freelance writers who were able to do the same job for a lesser fee than I charge, and that is what is called, ‘leverage’.

People like the Bill Gate and others think leverage and that is why they are able to build successful empires.

When you develop a business owner mindset, you think of how you can hire people to do the same work you do for a lesser fee. The main reason I am able to amount to multiple 6 figures monthly is not that I charge high. If you have ever contacted me for a writing work you can testify I charge an average fee.

I make multiple 6 figures because I have many hands writing for me. With more hands working with me, I can handle more gigs which means more money.

Every month, I and my team do deliver more than 100 articles to our clients outside other services we do render. You can imagine how much we should be generating monthly.

On a normal ground, can I deliver such amount of articles monthly and still breathe comfortably?

When you are your employer and employee in your business, and you are comfortable with it, you can’t build a successful business and this means you will have to continue working until you go under the grass.

Do you want that? I don’t think so.

Don’t be deceived with the online adverts you see on social media platforms telling you that they built a six-figure freelance business themselves. It is a big lie from the pit of hell. It is a marketing tactics to lure you into buying into their seminars or products.

No successful business was built alone. They must have been some assistance working for them alongside. Just like Weebo Media, do you know any of my writers? But if I come out to tell you I built Weebo Media myself from the scratch, won’t you believe me?

You see!

Go get a team that you will want to work with and build that empire of yours.

2. Remove Money Mentality from your Mind

Money is important I know. It keeps the business running and help you pay your bills. But, from my years of experience and knowledge gathered from business books written by successful entrepreneurs, I can tell you that the most important thing you should be focusing on in your freelance business should not be the money but your customers.

It is the customers that bring the money. Money lost can be gotten back. Customer lost may not be gotten back I can assure you that. When you lose money, it is your customers that will still help you get the money back as far as you are meeting and over-meeting their expectations.

Successful companies today started out like this. Always strive to make your customers happy. Go for good service delivery, great customer experience, and happy customers will keep coming back.

Create time to talk with your customers. Ask for feedback. It gives you more clarity on how to satisfy them.

In my business, I don’t play with good customer experience. I do ask for feedback from all my customers every two months and that is one reason I am always in business.

You need to practice this.

3. Have a Separate Account for your Freelance Business

I know you are doing it. Using the money your business makes for yourself and your needs. The one left is not even for the business but for what you have not yet decided to do with it.

This was what I was doing when I started. Don’t blame me, I studied engineering in school so I did not know what accounting or bookkeeping was. I have never heard anything about a book of account or running a business as a separate entity.

It was until I started running another diploma course on Business Administration and Management that I was introduced to this concept that; the money your business makes are not for you but for the business, and as a business owner you should not pay yourself, the business should pay you.

I was also shocked when I read it on Strive Masiyiwa (Executive Chairman and Founder of the Econet Group) Facebook page.

I learned that people that runs big successful business never treat the money of the business as their own. You are entitled to your salary which should be fixed and taken until only when others get paid.

So, if you want to turn that freelance business of yours into an empire of your dream, you should go learn accounting. It will teach you how to maintain a good cash flow for your business and grow it. It is very wrong to think that the money you are making from your freelance business belongs to you. It doesn’t.

Have a separate account where you will be saving money every month for the business. This money should only be used to cover expenses related to the business and not your personal expenses and needs. This is how I grew my freelance business and eventually turned it into what it is today.

It is not luck, it is your ignorance that is holding you back from achieving success. Break it now.

4. Have a Mentor or Buy Books Constantly

Too often, we think we have all the answers and are the only people who can really get things done. The reality is that another set of eyes can work wonders for how you operate both on and in your business.

It can never be possible to run a successful business without a mentor or personal development in your field. If you must go far, you must constantly be learning.

Right now, my bookshelf is filled up. I am thinking of building another bigger one.

Reading books on business and finance, and following different mentors remains one secret of my success.

Don’t tell me you don’t know whom to follow. The internet has made it completely free and easy to be mentored by top successful people we admire.

Search for them on search engines and subscribe to their newsletter. Read their blog post. Go to YouTube and subscribe to their videos, follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn and whatsoever platform you belong to.

Make it a habit to always read at least two books every month. As a business owner (sorry a to-be business owner), you should learn something every day before going to bed.

5. Register Your Freelance Business

Yes. I was not planning to add this but I think it is necessary. Registering your freelance business gives you a sense of responsibility. It makes you realize that you are not just trying to survive, but actually running to build an empire that will employ people to work for you while you sleep.

When you register your freelance business, you will not just be thinking about surviving with the business or hustling on your own, you will be thinking of how to get people to work for you because you will be proud that you are now a business owner, a founder.

If I were you, I will be planning towards this. Thank God you can now do this online in case you can’t locate their office near you by visiting the CAC (Corporate Affair Commission) website http://new.cac.gov.ng/home/ with as little as ₦15,000 aside lawyer’s fee.

Don’t look at it as an expense because you won’t want to do it. Look at it as an investment.

I hope this checklist will be valuable to help your dream of turning your freelance business into an empire come true. If you have read this far, I will like to know your thoughts via the comment box.

You can also ask questions if any.

The Best Products to Sell on Amazon FBA

I’ve been an Amazon FBA Private Label seller for a few years now. The best products to sell on Amazon FBA Private Label are going to have certain characteristics.

  • Is the product lightweight, small, and easy to carry? Small, lightweight products are easier to ship both from China (or whatever country) to Amazon and then ultimately to the end user. I aim for products under 1 pound/45kgs. This creates low shipping costs.
  • Is the product non-electronic? Electronics often come with headaches as they are returned often, have extensive FAQs, and can sometimes be dangerous. I prefer simple products that require little-to-no explanation of use beyond maintenance and minor setup.
  • Is the product non-consumable? Consumable products, like supplements and liquids, can also cause a lot of headaches for many of the same reasons that electronics do. While yes, supplements can be some of the best products to sell on Amazon FBA private label in terms of volume, subscribability, and popularity, some of the regs you’ll need to get around — both with Amazon and the FDA! — can be troublesome.
  • Is the product made of a material that’s considered “high-grade”? Leather, stainless steel, and wood all give the best products to sell on Amazon FBA a certain quality that not only makes them stand out from the rest of the pack, but allows you to mark them up considerably.

There are a few categories that I like to stick with. I find that the products in these categories often the meet the requirements for some of the best products to sell on Amazon FBA private label.

  • Kitchen and dining. This is my favorite category by far. Not only is there a ton of products to choose from, but according to Jungle Scout’s sales estimator tool, it’s also the category that gets the most sales overall. A lot of kitchen products meet the above requirements for the best products to sell on Amazon FBA private label.
  • Sports and outdoors. While this category doesn’t get as much traffic as Kitchen and Dining, it does have a lot of cool products to choose from.
  • Toys and games. I’m a huge board game nerd. And Amazon is an awesome place to launch games. Believe it or not, the infamous card game Cards Against Humanity is actually an Amazon FBA private label product!

If you’d like to learn more about selling on Amazon FBA Private Label, I offer a free report titled How to Find Profitable Products on Alibaba to Sell on Amazon (… in 10 Minutes or Less)

Afilio — Affiliate networks analysis 2017

Data as of March 2017

Afilio is the leading affiliate network in Brazil and Latin America founded in 2008 with headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Was elected in 2013 as the best Affiliation Agency of the Country, award granted by Braspag.

Manages a network of more than 50,000 publishers and works with more than 400 advertisers, including 90% of the 40 largest e-commerce programmes in Brazil. Afilio offers a wide range of advertiser programmes in the Telco & Services, Retail & Shopping, Travel and Financial Services sectors.

Alexa Rank: 61128
Programs Offered: CPA, CPL, CPS, CPC.
Payment Methods: Bank Transfer.
Minimum Payment Amount: R$ 500

Further structural analysis by sectors is based on the data for Brazilian market. It counts 114 advertisers.

37% makes Financial sector, 13% Fashion, 10% Shopping&Retail, 7% each makes Travel, Media&Entertainment and Health&Beauty, 6% Education&Career, about 2–3% each makes Automotive, Sports&Recreation, Computers&Electronics, Social&Dating, Home&Garden. Keep in mind that one advertiser can belong to several sectors at the same time.

For more insight into how to provide integration services for quick data exchange between your business system and affiliate networks, contact CUDEV today.

Thanks for reading! Any questions about affiliate networks? We’d be happy to help by email.

Originally published at www.cudev.com.

Afilio – Affiliate networks analysis 2017

Structural analysis of Afilio advertisers: main South American markets by sectors in absolute numbers and shares.


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Online Business

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If You have to have a great idea, you have to have a business plan then you get more money online.So Be positive and move online.

9 Most Overused Quotes Meant to Inspire Entrepreneurs

I read a lot of business books because I get immediately bored with fiction unless they involve brightly colored characters running around in costumes and capes.

(One day I’ll figure out how to break into the comic book industry…)

Once you read a certain amount of business books you start noticing something very curious.

Everybody keeps quoting the same people!

And it’s not that the quotes aren’t good, it’s that I was hoping to learn something new from the next book, not just one more perspective on what Henry Ford was really trying to say that applies to your brand new business!

So I thought really long and hard about all the clichés that are meant to inspire young entrepreneurs. About 20 minutes later (very long and hard) I came up with this list.

I added some commentary meant to entertain, but also because I don’t want this post to just be a list of random quotes. There needs to be some structure here for Ford’s sake!

All right…


“If I’d asked my customers what they wanted, they’d have said a faster horse.” -Henry Ford

I swear, I’m so sick of this quote. Yeah yeah, not everyone can be a futurist that sees what everyone else doesn’t. Some people are just happy to find a way to….


“Build a better mouse trap”

Why is it always a mousetrap? What’s the origin of building a better mousetrap? Where are all these mice that people are so obsessed with catching?!?

Was this like an epidemic somewhere that people forgot to write about in the history books?

Maybe it happened right after Edison invented the lightbulb, at which point everyone realized that their houses were covered with mice!


Speaking of Edison, I got you a real pick-me-up right here:

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” -Edison

I just can’t. Everybody seems to gloss over the fact that he did in fact fail 10,000 ways.

And that’s actually fine because I do believe in failing fast and learning from your failures but you don’t get to wash them off.

Be proud!

You should spray that shit on you like cologne! Look at me! I’ve failed so many times but guess what?!? I’m still fucking here!

The quote should really be:

“I’ve learned from 10,000 failures to create something truly groundbreaking. So suck it.”


Speaking of keeping at it ad nauseam,

“Follow Your Passion”

This isn’t a quote by anybody per say but rather a statement that every Wantrepreneur jerks off to during the lunch breaks of his shitty cubicle job.

This is a bullshit quote because it assumes that everything is roses and champagne all the time.

It should be “follow your passion…but make sure you validate that there’s a reasonable business idea behind it that can support you and your family financially.”


“Do or do not. There is no try.” — Yoda

I really didn’t want to drag Master Yoda into all of this but somebody had to put this quote on a random “inspirational quote compilation” I found on the internet.

Yeah dude, there is a try. There is a “let’s try…then reiterate…then pivot…then adjust the idea, take the core of it out and replace it with something else…”

After all that “try” you’re bound to have “done” something.

Fucking Jedis…

Moving on:


“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” — Napoleon Hill

This is some stupid “Secret” bullshit right here. Don’t get me wrong. I thought the ideas in “Think and Grow Rich” were good. I just think there’s more to it than “think and you will achieve.”

It’s more like “Think! And then plan according to what you’re thinking. And then make sure you analyze the data from the experiments you made from your plan. And then decide if that was an achievement within the goals that you made. Then execute and (hopefully) achieve.”


The same can be said of this one:

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” — Theodore Roosevelt

I do think starting something actually starts with believing you can do it. I just think believing is worthless unless it is immediately followed by doing actual work.


“The money is in the list” -Every Email Marketing Guru

This one is true, but as with anything else it’s more about what you do with the list. Having one is pointless if it doesn’t have a strategy behind it.

An email list is worthless unless you’ve built up trust with your list and have something to sell that they want.


Let’s wrap this up by coming full circle, right back to Mr. Henry Ford:

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” -Henry Ford

I actually like this quote and although it’s quoted all the time I believe it encapsulates something meaningful.

The thing is, it’s easy to sit on your ass and do nothing. It’s especially easy to daydream about all the success you would’ve had if you had just worked on that “one idea you had.”

It’s awesome to daydream about superstar success because it’s so much fun to visualize all the glorious victories you have in your imaginary life.

But what if you actually tried to get a little bit closer to that imaginary life? What if you worked just a little bit harder on that “one idea” instead of letting the next episode autoplay on Netflix?

What if that success isn’t imaginary, but just needs be brought to life?

What if you think you can….and you’re right?

Let me know which quotes irritate you in the comments. If you liked this article hit Recommend to let others know about it.

Let’s Skyrocket Your Creative Business?

Are you an entrepreneur or artist looking to improve your online presence to reach more clients, customers and fans?

Through my 7 years of online business experience I can help you create a strategy around your business, whether you’re an aspiring author, artist, or entrepreneur.

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Creating Your Success Online

There is a way you can start to create your success. You can start to move forward with your online business, its all about moving forward. Most say that they want to create success online, yet why do so many fail to do so?

Is it genetics? Is it age? Is it their education?

I can tell you there is nothing stopping you from your success online. Creating success online has nothing to do with your previous circumstances, your family, your friends, your nationality, your background.

There are everyday normal people everyday just like you that are creating success online, with more challenging circumstances than you may be facing, and they still succeed despite the overwhelming difficulites they face.

You can create your success online, despite whatever you think may be holding you back. You have the power to do so. If you want to.

Success On Your Terms

The idea here is to create the success that you think is right for you, not what others may think is successful for you.

You want to truly become the great success that you always wanted by creating it for yourself.

By now, you will see that you create your success by asking the universe what it is you want to start creating in your business online. So if you want a certain amount of income what you do is you write down that as a goal. Then you simply follow other people that have already achieved this result

The Best Part of You

The best part of you is when you are moving in the direction that is within yourself to create. We are all creators. The idea is you are truly making the best part of you by creating the best version of you. You can do it, it is actually a lot easier to have results when you follow a model and a proven model that actually works.

The best part ? Is that you can do this based on your due diligence and your mindset.

The mindset you have must be at the right place to go to the next level for yourself. Be a great success by creating it for yourself. Having an online business is great and to keep track of your goals then you can start to see success online for yourself in a fun, awesome, and purpose driven way.

Bring Back Your Business — Bring Back Your Inner Greatness.

Everyone has inner greatness. Sometimes it takes sometime to awaken it, but you can awaken it. You can bring back your inner greatness by being grateful for all the lessons you have learned on journey so far. The hardship and the difficulties alike. Be grateful that it has taken you to this point right now. It is all part of the journey.

You can bring back your business, and start moving forward towards creating the life you want for you and your family. Getting results that you can be proud of.

By now, you know clearly one of the things I highly recommend when going after the success that you want, for you and your family is actually by starting an online business. Online businesses today make up a majority of the dream-lifestyle that most want to attain. This means no more 9–5 commute, no more making another boss rich. No more long, hard hours at your job that you don’t like. More of freedom, time with your loved ones, more fun and travel, and more money coming in than you know what to do with it.

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“Let us make our future now, and let us make our dreams tomorrow’s reality.” — Malala Yousafzai

How “NOT” To Make Money Online.

I DON’T have Ferraris and Lamborghinis

I DON’T have yachts and Jet Skis

I DON’T have villas and mansions

I have NOT authored best sellers on how to be rich

I DON’T have secret get rich quick systems & courses I DON’T spend all my day surrounded with hot models I DON’T have magic pills for overnight success

I’m an ORDINARY person, Just like YOU!


I STILL make over $200,000 working from home and I am here to tell you a TRUTH!

You must have read a lot of books on how to become a millionaire in XXX days but have you ever heard about or met or read of anyone who actually became a millionaire reading that book apart from the writer himself/herself?

Have you ever checked the background of the people or the so-called “Gurus, Entrepreneurs, Motivators” that you blindly follow before reading their books and buying their expensive seminars, money making systems and courses with NO PLAN and NO RESULTS except beautifully crafted words?

Let me tell you a SECRET

They had NOTHING, but now they are all millionaires!

Do you know what made them the millionaires they are today?

If you think it’s because of their intelligence, good fortune, the success of their systems, methods, and courses. You’re WRONG!


You made them millionaires and best sellers by spending your hard earned money and savings on secret money making systems, stock market ideas, marketing courses and all other how to be rich quick schemes.

But what did you get in return??
 A nicely written book! OR a bunch of nicely spoken words!

It’s high time to come out of the delusion.

 I am here to rescue you from the swampy trap of unreal and impractical dreams of becoming an overnight billionaire!

The TRUTH is that there are NO SHORTCUTS. There are no magic pills or magical systems that can make you a millionaire overnight. And more importantly, if there was something like that, why would someone be stupid enough to share it to you?

And the funniest part is that you already know this but you still end up trapped in such bullshit.

Think about it, why would such a millionaire waste his time uploading videos on YouTube flaunting their wealth selling shortcuts, get rich quick programs, webinars, etc.?

Have you ever heard of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or other billionaires organizing a seminar on how to be rich or selling a how-to book on success?

Wouldn’t it make more sense and logic for the world’s richest person to teach you about financial success instead of these so-called experts on their rented Ferraris and vacation homes in the background?

But that doesn’t happen. Why? Because the real ones are too consumed doing their own work and expanding their business and the rest are busy selling dreams, images and videos of the life that you’ve always dreamt of living.

This article aims to become an eye-opener for millions of people worldwide who have enrolled themselves in countless seminars, bought multiple books, courses and had little or no success after spending their hard earned money into the craze of all these YouTube experts, Facebook entrepreneurs and Instagram experts who promise the American dream.

Success in every field requires a plan, dedication, and consistency. This e-book will provide you the basic steps to help you uncover your skills and help you achieve the financial security and independence you always desired to work from your home. All you need is a laptop and the will to work hard and never give up.

Who Am I & Why You Should Trust Me?

If you are like me, the first thing that comes to your mind while reading my book is why you should trust me? And you are absolutely right. Why should you trust a guy who doesn’t even have a Ferrari, private jets or a huge mansion with your financial success?

I’ll tell you why because he is an ordinary person just like you. A person who has a story just like yours. And a person who changed his destiny after understanding the truth just like you will after reading this book.

My story is similar to almost every young man and woman who has ambitions, dreams, and desires for making money online.

That really viral video of an online mentor and his money making program that you saw on Facebook or Instagram last week?

I have seen it and enrolled in it.

That expert on YouTube with tremendous followers who flaunts an extravagant lifestyle that they show on each of their videos?

I have bought all their courses.
That best seller book on financial success? I have it stacked up in my library.

After spending thousands of dollars buying various financial success books, enrolling in online money making systems, stock trading, penny stock websites, affiliate marketing websites, Amazon stores, online surveys, micro job sites, social media marketing courses from various internet gurus, entrepreneurs and success mentors, I finally realized that

THEY DON’T WORK and learned it the hard way.

All these people are doing is making huge sums of money for themselves feeding off the dreams and ambitions of people like you and me. The day I realized this truth, I was SHOCKED. It moved me and that changed my life FOREVER!

Understanding the truth has made me a self-made internet millionaire today.

I don’t have a boss to impress,

I don’t have mortgages or debts to pay off,

I travel for vacations on the most exotic parts of the world whenever I feel like,

I stay at luxury 5-Star hotels and luxury resorts,

I change cars twice a year,

I own multiple successful online businesses,

I buy every latest gadget as soon as it hits the market,

I own two decent houses in one of the most gorgeous countries in the world,

I have healthy relationships,

And most importantly,

I still have all the time in the world to happily spend with my family, friends, loved ones and to live and enjoy the life of financial freedom I always wanted to live.

So why am I bothering to tell you all this?

I’ll be HONEST. I am not here to earn money. I’ll hardly make a fraction of money I currently make doing my regular work than writing books. The only reason I decided to go ahead and speak up is that someone has to tell the TRUTH.

I can confidently tell you that I didn’t follow any of these market gurus, their books never worked for me and they will never work for you as well because they were never written to be useful, they were simply written for these people to make money off you and its time you get out of this trap.

Millions and millions of people around the world are wasting money and time, like I did and are getting nowhere left with nothing but an empty bank account, frustration and regret and I genuinely, want to help people like you to understand the truth, the reality and the actual way of how fortunes and businesses are made. This article is all about how I made my fortunes following the simplest yet untold techniques and how you can use them in your life to achieve the life you deserve.

The Huge Market Of Selling Dreams

In the world of business, there are only three things that sell.

i) Dreams

ii) Fear

iii) Sex

We’ll talk about the first two, in this article.

Our market thrives in dreams. From small day to day items we purchase to big-ticket items like luxury cars and houses are all influenced by our dreams and fears.

The human brain responds best to positive and negative experiences that relate to its dreams and fears. Businesses use this to their advantage by triggering emotions that generate these states of fear or dream and influence the person to buy their product.

Let me give you an example, you easily trust a person giving us financial advice if he is standing behind an object of influence that gives an impression of financial strength, for instance, a Ferrari.

Photo by Alistair Smith on Unsplash

As soon as you see the Ferrari, your brain automatically tells us “If I listen to this guy, I will be able to fulfill my dream of owning a Ferrari” like him.

This leads to a positive neuro-response and makes us disregard the logical aspects of the situation such as does this car really belong to this person? What if it’s rented? What if he is in a car showroom? And so on.

Because of this state of mind, you immediately buy the product and start exploring the content to uncover the methods of being like that person.

Now comes the most interesting part, because of the logical brain being turned off you become so convinced about this person regardless of the fact that the content you are reading has nothing to do with what you were looking for in the first place, even after finishing an entire course or a book and not being able to learn and implement a single thing, you still feel the state of flow and falsely believe that the content was useful.

However, it’s only a matter a time till you realize that it was just a piece of general information that you already knew and had just been presented in an appealing way!

On a second note, the brain will not let you accept the fact you made a stupid decision and will always tell you that the content is very valuable and it just didn’t work for you, you didn’t work hard enough, and you haven’t read it properly and so on

You, my friend just bought a dream. Here’s another example:

After the sudden growth of value of cryptocurrencies and the news of a lot of people making huge amounts of profits buying and selling them, a large number of people invested in cryptocurrencies despite have of having no knowledge about how it works, the nature of the market, the volatility, the risks involved and other factors just because everyone else was doing it.

This is what is referred to as the Bandwagon Effect in psychology. If you take a deeper look at the behavior of these investors, you can find the fear pattern. When the news of cryptocurrency millionaires started hitting the news, everyone started investing in cryptocurrency out of the fear of missing out a golden opportunity to fulfill their dreams.

This created a huge growth of the cryptocurrency market with billions of dollars pouring in every minute which took the coin company to new heights but how many investors were able to actually benefit from this growth? Very few.

Soon afterward, the cryptocurrency market plummeted down to over 55% and lots of people lost their hard earned savings, houses that they invested in the hopes of becoming a millionaire someday.

These investors too got sold into a dream.

Understanding The Trap

Ever since the dawn of the internet, I have personally never seen such a massive growth in the number of such dream sellers especially in the field of online business. With social media and content sharing platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook it’s easier than never before to reach out to people and it has become equally dangerous as much as it has been convenient.

There has been almost an outburst of online business mentors, experts, and wizards, magicians as they like to call themselves who seem to have all the riches in the world and are now suddenly being generous enough by openly sharing them to everyone.

It all starts with a free e-book bait with an attractive title such as “ 3-Step Blueprint on E-commerce Success: How I got from 0 to 1,00,000,000 in just XXX days” that requires your email and phone number download which the expert will make the most use of by sending you targeted emails, ads in future.

Or the most popular method, a social media video story about an entrepreneur driving exotic cars, partying in a yacht, helicopters, airplanes, models, even guns and all the symbols of riches that can fit in the short video claiming to be giving away all his secrets on his amazing course!

A few days after you get their free book, they’ll invite you for another free webinar on another appealing topic.

And NEVER and I mean NEVER trust online reviews, chances are that they are not true or written by the people in the state of flow after they purchased the product.

After sending you multiple free contents and appealing you using the dream trap, they will suddenly offer you a paid book/program/course and you will feel a strong urge to buy it. This is where you need to be careful.

Psychologists like to call this the law of reciprocity. Whenever someone does something nice to you, you will have a deep-rooted psychological urge to do something for them in return. In fact, you are likely to reciprocate with a gesture far more generous than their original deed.

In our context, these experts provide you free tips, tricks, and useful content to create this sense of reciprocity in you and use it to their advantage by offering you a premium product which you are likely to purchase.

As soon as you see this pattern, understand that it is a RED FLAG and break away immediately. You are silently being lured into a dream trip.

If you are able to grasp this simple idea, you are already 100 steps closer to your personal success. I’ve said this before, and I will say it again. There are no shortcuts. Don’t buy the dream, buy valuable content that is useful for you, that relates to the skills that you have and that can help you grow on a personal level.

Don’t try to learn something just because you can make money from it. The biggest secret of financial success is to simply not think about it. The world is proof that people can make money doing just about anything, you just need to be good at it.

Learn to identify the fear and the dream patterns and you will never be affected by these traps in your life ever again not only online but also in your everyday life.

Understanding the trap is one of the biggest realizations that I have had in my life and has taken my life and career to a whole new level.

Photo Credit: Jon Berghoff

Don’t pay $5000 for what you can find on Google for FREE!

I think the title is pretty self-explanatory. I would like to share an experience with you. Last year, I stumbled upon this really amazing social media expert’s landing page and was quite amazed by the 1 million dollars a year marketing course he had to offer. As an instinctive response, I started searching about this expert and his course on google and found a few really nice reviews. Without a second thought, I went ahead and bought his course since I had just started a new e-commerce business at that time and was really desperate to grow the sales.

The course was about 48 hours long and the first few chapters went great as I found the information really interesting and it felt like the expert really knew what he was talking about until I stumbled upon an article about Facebook marketing in a blog online.

To my surprise, all the content in the course I bought was EXACTLY THE SAME as what I found in the blog while I was researching a few topics. My heart stopped and I suddenly felt like the biggest stupid on the planet.

I tried writing to the expert but to his convenience, he didn’t respond, and because of the huge following and reviews that the expert had on his pages, my opinion didn’t matter.

I recount this as one of the most eye-opening moments of my career.

Often times we get so carried away about something that we fail to notice and ask the most basic questions like Do I really need this?

You don’t always require a masterclass course to learn about something. The internet is a sea of information and I’ve experienced that if you can search it right, you will find everything that you ever wanted without spending a single penny.

Most of the times, I have found that a large majority of the content that these speakers and experts talk about is readily available on the internet with minimal effort. If you genuinely want to learn about a topic say SEO, there are thousands of articles written by experts and professionals in the area that you can find and gain a substantial amount of knowledge. All it takes is a little bit of time. If 1 hour of research can save you $5000, that’s equivalent to earning $5000 in an hour. And that’s a very big amount to receive for making a google search now, isn’t it?

People are good at telling you things that you already know. If you take a look at all the self-help contents in the market or the money making books and guides,

you’ll notice a pattern. They are all talking about things that we already know about.

A very well-known author writes a book about how to become a millionaire and he advises you to invest in real estate. This advice is particularly very funny to me.

The first reason is that we already know that.

The second and the most important reason, if we had money enough to invest and diversify into lucrative real-estate, we’d not have the time or the necessity to read the book in the first place.

How many times have you stumbled upon amazing titles like “5 Guaranteed Tips to help you earn thousands of dollars” only to know after you have bought the guide that they were things that we already know about like investing, saving a certain amount of money every month, investing in life insurance and blah blah?

Most self-help contents have been written to address people who don’t have money and they are all giving you investing pieces of advice. In other words, selling a comb to a person who is bald.

Of course, the biggest comedy is that we still buy them. This proves that marketing and sales indeed has a lot of power and influence in the world. It has worked against you for all these years, now it’s time to make it work in your favor by understanding the dynamics.

The truth about online courses and books on financial success

You must be thinking by now that I dislike everyone and am jealous of anyone who sells courses and programs on financial success online. But that’s far from the truth.

I don’t dislike them but I don’t particularly like them either. Let me tell you why.

Like any honest reader/student, I expect value in the content I purchase. There is no shortage of theories, motivational videos, thick books and articles about being successful in the world.

What we need is the practical steps, methods and the how-to of making it happen. But most of the time 99.99% of them speak about everything else except the methods.

Imagine being gifted the world’s best car without the key. Now despite of the fact that the car is really amazing, as long as you don’t have the keys there is no point of having it. This is exactly the case with online courses and books on financial success.

No book or program is good or bad. However, without the how-to and practical steps that can be implemented in real life, it’s just like that car without the keys. Regardless of the course being good on its own, there is virtually no use of it.

It is naïve to assume that one book or one course is going to be the solution for millions of people. It is even more naive to assume that millions of people will get the same results following the same technique.

Therefore, it is important to understand that these courses are not the solution to your dreams and they can never be. Or to be more precise, it was never meant to be the solution.

The only person that’ll ever make money from these programs and courses is the author himself.

Stop wasting time on how to make money, and start focusing on how to be better at what you know or wish to learn. Take courses that improve your skills in a particular sector. If you are good at programming to take classes on programming, buy books related to programming.

If you want to get better in marketing, learn marketing from the basics. Don’t opt into a 3-day blueprint course that can make you a marketing star in 30 days!

Always remember, money will always come to you if you are doing a good job. Whatever work it may be, you will never make money by thinking about making money. Money comes when you get better at what you do.

The goal is to keep getting better at what you do. The better you get, the more you will make.

The Cryptocurrency puzzle

The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind today when they think about making money online is cryptocurrency. And why would it not, after seeing an exponential growth of over 800% in 2017 alone and over 15,000% since their existence millions of people have invested their hard earned money on cryptocurrencies.

With more and more mainstream people investing in cryptocurrencies than ever, it’s not safe anymore. As we know, the crypto market is not as stable and calculative as the stock market. The crypto market is highly speculative and since most of the people don’t know anything about what they are buying and selling, it’s more or less like the game of roulette.

The problem with this is while you can get lucky and the 800$ you invested yesterday can become $8000 tomorrow. You are highly likely to re-invest the $8000 again only to know the crypto market just plummeted because of some news and there goes your dream of owning a Lamborghini.

I’m personally a big fan of the blockchain technology and the revolution it has brought forward in the world. I’ve made huge profits from investing in cryptocurrencies and I still hold some of them. There are some really amazing companies backed by great technology and an amazing team. The problem is not in these companies or the market, the problem is in our mind. We buy in the state of flow, not rationally.

It is unbelievable and shocking to see how much we trust in the idea of becoming an overnight millionaire and how much trust we have for all these virtual companies and the virtual world of cryptocurrencies when we know that it is not regulated, when we know that we can lose money anytime and more importantly when we know that we know nothing about what we are investing in and we’re just doing it because we can see the green numbers of 45% in 24 hours or one of your friends just made money selling Bitcoins and now you want to do it too.

More people lose billions of dollars on cryptocurrency than what some people gain trading them. There is a fundamental difference between the two of them.

One invests in the state of rational mind and logical thinking by correcting evaluating the market, news, learning about the company, examining its market trends.

Other, invest in the dream state, looking at the outcomes of how person X and person Y made a lot of money investing in Ripple and they will too.

Cryptocurrency is, after all, a market and a business. Without proper knowledge about what you are betting on, it won’t be too long until things take an unexpected turn. The people who buy in the dream state are the baits and the people who buy rationally make a fortune like always.

The Right Way

There is an old saying that advice is given for free and a gem that is easily available are of no value.

All great masters have tested their students before teaching them the true art and revealing them the secrets. Likewise, before I go ahead and disclose the truth and provide you the practical guidelines for your personal success, I want to test you.

Unlike the mainstream gurus, I don’t have a click funnel or lead pages link to copy and paste here to steal your information or up-sell another paid product.

If you are really committed to following the real steps to achieve your financial freedom and become the best version of yourself, stay tuned for my next article.