Five easy things you can do to keep your winter skin healthy, hydrated, and glowing — for next to nothing!

As soon as the the temperatures drop, the air becomes dry, and the winds grow strong, healthy and glowing skin can turn dry, red, chapped and flakey in an instant if it’s not properly cared for.

Living in a mostly warm climate throughout the year means that my skin essentially goes in to complete shock when exposed to cooler temperatures and harsher conditions. The change is immediate and dramatic.

Knowing this, I spend 1–2 weeks prior to any winter vacation preparing my skin for what’s to come, hoping to alleviate some of the symptoms. And every single time I make the same mistake: I focus too heavily on intense hydrating products, and not nearly enough on hydrating habits.

This time, instead of stocking up on serums and rich moisturizers, I relied on everything I know about the culprits of dry, dehydrated skin and made a habit of doing everything I could to avoid it.

Not only did it work like a charm, but it was easy to do and cost me next to nothing.

Read on to learn about fool proof ways to keep your skin soft, smooth and glowing — even in the harshest of winters.

Drink water

There is no cheaper, more accessible resource for hydration than water. Aim to drink 2–3 liters a day, and start first thing in the morning. If I can manage to drink 1 liter by noon, it is always easier to maintain the habit throughout the day and into the evening.

To avoid getting bored, throw in a slice or two of lemon for some flavor; or try switching between cold, hot and room temperatures throughout the day.

Avoid hot water

Harsh winters make steamy hot shower or soaking in bathtub really, really tempting. While I love nothing more than marinating in a bath after a freezing cold day, my skin absolutely hates it.

Hot water can be dehydrating, and really wreak havoc on the skin — and even more so if your skin is already dry, itchy or irritated.

To avoid making things worse, cut down on the frequency and length of hot showers and baths during winter months. Using lukewarm water instead will help the skin retain it’s moisture better, and heal or prevent it from becoming more irritated.

The same applies to washing your face — always use lukewarm or cold water. When removing your facial cleanser, use awash cloth to press the water into the skin instead of wiping it away, which can cause more irritation and redness.


It doesn’t matter if it isn’t sunny or warm outside — applying a broad spectrum sunscreen is always a good idea.

I apply SPF daily in the winter (even on the cloudiest of days) because it is absolutely essential in protecting the skin from harmful UV rays, but also because it prevents my red, wind burnt skin from getting unnecessarily more red from sun exposure.

Eat hydrating foods

In addition to drinking at least 2 liters of water a day, make it a point to fruits and vegetable that are well known for their high water content.

Cucumber, celery, iceberg lettuce, radishes, cauliflower, spinach, green pepper watermelon, strawberries, grapefruit, cantaloupe — are all made up of at least 90% water.

Over and above their hydrating benefits, fruits and vegetables are loaded with vitamins and minerals, which are essential for transforming dull skin and creating a healthy glow. They are also filled with fiber, which helps eliminate toxic waste from the body and reduce inflammation.

Don’t crank up the heat

When were not freezing to death outdoors, we’re cranking up the central heating at home and in our cars to warm ourselves up. But its making our skin, and leaves it feeling unusually tough and tight.

To go entirely without heat in the winter is unthinkable. At the same time, putting the heat on full blast is unnecessary a lot of time.

Play around with your thermostat; get it to the lowest temperature possible where you’re still comfortable. When you’re out of the house all day, turn the heat off or to a low temperature that’s a few notches warmer than outside. If you’re the type who has trouble sleeping when they’re too hot, then try turning the central heating off and bundling up instead.

The less you’re exposed to heat blowing up against your skin throughout the day, the more you will protect it from becoming dehydrated.

The fact of the matter is that harsh winters will always be a major culprit of dry, dehydrated skin. But you shouldn’t assume that treating dry, irritated skin is a lost cause until the season passes; or that excessive moisturizing or expensive products are the only ways to combat the problem.

By implementing these small, simple and inexpensive hydrating habits daily, you might be able to avoid winter skin woes and achieve a hydrated and healthy glow all year long.

Sephora redefined: a new era for this geant of the beauty industry

For the very few who doesn’t know what is Sephora, here is a few keywords you should understand before reading this article.

  • Big conglomerate in a conglomerate itself: Being owned by the french group LVMH, Sephora is exposed to a group of probably the biggest collection of brands (more than 300 brands) in the world of beauty, both man and woman, ranging at any price and quality. It also provides its own private label.
  • Speciality store: Sephora is the most famous speciality store in the world with a number of 400 locations around the globe.
  • 70% woman, 30% man: Products ranging from make-up, skincare, body and haircare, fragance and nail colors is found in Sephora. For obvious reasons, Sephora has been targeting woman on-the-go for years providing a complete relook of their facial and body details.
  • In 2016, Sephora launched the Virtual Artist app, an augmented reality platform. By uploading a photo, the user can receive a virtual makeover, experimenting with different product and shade combinations.
  • Subscription for wanting customers: Play! by Sephora is a subscripton service that was trying to compete with Beauty boxes. It offered boxes containing five deluxe sample size products and a bonus fragrance sample for only $10 a month. Insider Loyalty card members with 3 different levels is also provided with each its benefit.

Soon enough, new techniques will submerge such as:

  • Time saving devices such as smartphones
  • Faster delivery
  • An increase of acquisition of retail channels
  • Easy-set-up products
  • Right-on-time micro-targeted marketing campaigns shorter.

> This lead to a seamless shopping experience, done at the comfort of home, all about time saving communication, experience and shopping habits.

To better understand Sephora’s new prospective, we need to believe 4 words that summarize the future of the beauty industry:

Tech, Inspire, Play, Care.

Tech for New technologies:

Sephora has tried to introduce technology in its finest but every time, has not succeeded, being always behind technology. Would they be able to surpass this late use in tech in their store and customer exerience?

  • Color Wall for a better visuals: Color Walls and interactive walls were introduced in 2014 in Sephora’s new store in NY. Interactive mirrors was introduced in all stores and has proven to reduce waste from 20% since 2016.
  • Map yourself out of the store: Beamer technology will pick it up when you walk in store and show you newproducts available for your particular needs via an in-app store map.
  • Let’s pay faster: Sephora Flash is a perfect example of a NFC near field communication payment tool that has been developed in Paris. How this works? First change customers have at their disposal a real shopping basket so they can choose all products amongst a wide range of brands offer of Make-up and expert cares, and a virtual basket, with an NFC card. All the non-physical exposed products remains available on The most passionate would be able to enjoy of the 150 Brands and 14 000 references of Sephora, thanks to this virtual shopping. Second change — Customer’s journey takes end, with the validation of the virtual shopping basket (NFC card) at the cashier and the delivery of the goods by the counsellor. Virtual terminal also exists that allow to pass orders and to be home delivered or the following day in this Sephora Flash shop.
  • Virtual mirrors: Let’s take a look at the new virtual mirror that let customer try infinite products in a blink of a click. Virtual changing rooms are being tested and adapted to the beauty sector with technologies such as smart mirrors also known as ModiFace technology > try on thousands of products without any hassle. Live mapping of your face and features applying and synching make up products 30 times per second for a realistic through futuristic rendering methods. This will let save product samples use and waste.
  • 12 workshops for you: French beauty retailer Sephora has unveiled a brand new physi-digital concept store in San Francisco dubbed the Sephora Beauty TIP Workshop — a synonym expressing a manifesto based around teaching, inspiring and playing. The dominating feature of the 8,500 sq ft space is 12 workshop stations devised for communal beauty tutorials, allowing up to 12 shoppers at a time to learn tricks from skilled members of staff. The stations are also equipped with iPads and wi-fi, granting access to Sephora’s online beauty tutorials and enabling participants to share their final looks via social media. Shoppers can also play with Sephora’s other existing technologies, such as the virtual make-up app Pocket Contour (see Sephora: Omni-Channel Push), or the Beauty Board — its shoppable online gallery of crowdsourced looks created using Sephora products. The search option ‘People Like Me’ allows consumers to filter content for specific skin tones or hair textures. The store also features ‘Digital Trend Tables’, which show the bestselling products online (updated in real-time).

Inspire for reconfiguration: A change in visul merchandise optimise to the change

  • Mobile services for private products, thanks to complex apps:
  1. Match skin tone through our smartphones (like we have today with companies such as Matchco)
  2. Analyze skin textures and needs for a better, fuller, comprehensive product.
  3. Create custom blended formulas which could be either moisturizing or oil controlling (etc.).
  4. Choose their preferred coverage and finish (Ex. glowy vs matte, Full coverage vs Natural).
  5. Make color cosmetics customizable and convenient (pigments and oil finishes)
  6. Analyze the Moisture, UV, PH and sebum levels in the skin.
  7. Formulate and create custom skincare for their consumers whether that be moisturizers, acne solutions or eye serumsetc.

Omni-channels + technology = convenience = Full customisation

  • Third spaces: Adapt to visceral experiences by having a thirds pace in shops for community building and socialising. Adding services like yoga studios for Shiffa or spa salons for La Mer > educational purpose such as workshops or social interactions.
  • Indoor relaxation: A plus, need for relaxationand technology detox will also reachan all-time high. In the future Niche brands that currently work on sustainability and well being will focus on real life experiences and community building by immersing us on nature and what it has to offer us. Brands Shiffa beauty which focuson organic living and cosmetic will continue to study the wellbeingeffect of essential oils and their effect on the limbic system to create cosmetic that can effectively reduce and relieve the stress consumers may be facing. Stress reducing products and visceral experiences will be megatrends in the future.
  • An Organised mess: What if I tell you that mess could be organised. In stores like Sephora, branded aisles will be disbandedand replaced by product categories. This means that for example, moisturizers for dry skinregardless of the brand will all be displayed together. This will not only be more convenient forthe consumers but also easier for the Omni channel strategies that beauty brands are developing such as instore mapping.
  • Pop-up your life: Sephora has introduced recently their concept pop-up store that will be released in Brasil, Argentina and Colombia soon. Why these countries? Well, it was time that Sephora hits this market and pop-up stores in South America sounds a great idea to get the attention going and people try most prducts in short period of time.

Play for Better Customer Experience:

  • Massification of targeting: Sephora has long thought of a strategy to target consumers that has not generally loved shopping in the store, finding themselves drawn out to spending time inside the store. The right-on-time micro targeted marketing strategies will be in the future plans of any cosmetic brand. Man, for example, is one of the most interesting people to target. When you think of man, you think of sexism. Well, it is quite true. Man has always shopped in Sephora for products such as perfumes or to buy products for gifts. Never though of beauty products for man! Well, Sephora’s private label has launched recently a product line that goes beyond stereotypes varrying from many skincare products such as beauty mask and porosity cremes… for man. Do you think it will work?
  • Individualism: Thanks to technology, tools has been created for a better customisation of products. The complexity of the skin has been simplified by simply scanning your skin. Let the technology manage the rest ! Tools such as Pocket contour App, Mini Beauty (Digital Sample distributor) has been invented and their development is on the verge of perfection.
  • Learn Centre for beginners: Sephora is seaming to provide the best customer service in-store as well as at the comfort of your home. From e-tutorials, to skincare store-labs and audio make up apps, Sephora and l’Oreal has developed means that provides educational content for better use of their product.
  • Cocktail fragance: Sephora has some plans to introduce different concept leisure spaces in their biggest store such as in NY and Paris. Imagine, you walk into the Sephora bar and start tasting new cocktail products that is medically proven to be healthy and smells like the Chanel Number 5? To be surprised a bit, it was imagined already and could come a day where all this is just as accessible as eating in Mars.
  • Fashion we are one ! Sephora has inaugurated in 28 Durini street in Milan, and in world preview, his new idea of concept store. Baptized Techno experience beauty store, the space, born by architect Giacomo De Zoppi’s pencil, is an authentic trip of the senses where an olfactive wall turns into an experience to breathe, while the virtual make up emits every chromatic possibility. Would it be possible to partner with fashion brands and conquer the fashion world?

Care for Environment:

  • Scientific Proven: Imagine a medical product that looks cool! Well, nowaday, many branded cosmetic products, medically proven, have surfaced as premium and luxury products providing all-included-skincare for many consumers.
  • Green matters: The concept of the Sephora pop-up shop is to maintain the sleek style of Sephora yet transform the temporary shop to an cutting-edge environmentally responsible retail location. The shell of the store will be constructed entirely from 100% recycled make-up boxes intricately cut and designed to construct a structural shell in the shape of an O laid horizontally.The pop-up design is suitable for a temporary location due to the material selection of cardboard which will be pre-constructed and designed off-site, then transported and reassembled incorporating lighting and LED screen elements. Once the store is ready to be taken down, the cardboard can be reused at another location or recycled, along with all the technological elements. The design is easily constructed and can be replicated for other pop-up locations worldwide.

varyforte — Get Smooth and fair Skin

Varyforte in Italy Lack within the proper female genital health or the lack of the knowledge, of the health, rural women have lots of problem in their lives. In India, where the maximum population of u . s . is dealing with the rural villages of this country, the health care facilities are still under construction for it. Although the Women Health care at present a much talking subject, but there has enormous things to change concerning female medicine and health system.No knows if harm . damaged the tissue and lead for the cancer formation, at least not all the same. But, they do know that the compounds simulate the outcomes of estrogen and disrupt consequently.

Here will be the news for the people in desperate need for effective hair treatment. varyforte Opinie Botox has been into for Anti Aging, wrinkle removal, migraine treatment but the recent discovery; (discovery) because not a study or research but was accidentally discovered by a Dr. Ourian when he treated her mother for migraine to find out that the respective involving her hair follicles, damaged by the chemotherapy, begun to re-grow hairs on the encompassing areas of injection.

The best news in both of this is actually we are not limp crackers! Our arteries are created from walls lined with specialized muscles that prevent our arterial system from doing just . A firmer artery can push each lots of blood even further from coronary heart and help it to recurrence.Dinner reservations are taken at check-in. The proprietors must know an anticipated meal is really a psychological balm in this setting. Ours were for 7:30. We gave in at 7:00 and headed for the restaurant.

varyforte Prezzo But with this Beauty new head of hair might come some issues with oil after even only day after shampooing. If that’s and individuals time to enjoy a second shower of the day, get a little baby powder. Can work wonders absorbing the oil and making you seem shower-fresh. Sprinkle on your own hair line and comb it within the roots. Together with a little bit so it’s easier discover the results and smooth it into the hair without looking like George Wa. Just a little goes a good and doesn’t leave one looking like they have fine, white dandruff.

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Journey to the Mountain King

Half Dome at night (by C-M)

March in Yosemite, cold but still. Late at night, flat on my back, looking up at the sky with my best friend. I feel the small pebbles against my back, feel the cold creeping up thru my parka and pants, but I do not move, do not dare, the vision is too intoxicating.

Growing up in San Francisco, my family did not camp, we did not hike, and we certainly did not explore the wilderness. Occasionally, we would go down to the beach, but the Pacific Ocean along Northern California is hardly hospitable to young children with its ice-cold waters and brutal waves. We would look, but rarely touched. More often, my family took strolls through Golden Gate Park, and though a beautiful place, it was hardly nature at her most fierce.

And of course, living in San Francisco, we were intimately familiar with the fog. Especially in the Sunset District (talk about irony), the fog was no ‘cat with little feet.’ It was a huge billowing cloud of white which would roll in across the Golden Gate Bridge like a giant avalanche, threatening to drown us in its mists. So when my biology class was scheduled to take a field trip to Yosemite, I saw this as an adventure on the grandest scale. It was my first time away from home, my first time to Yosemite, I was a virgin camper.

Maybe it was being 13, maybe it was the excitement of being on my own for a time, but on that trip I felt everything so deeply, so passionately. I fell in love with Victor, a blue-eyed boy with long blond hair, who sang ‘Stairway to Heaven’ on his guitar. I dared to take a puff of the ‘evil weed’ just to see what it would feel like, and I discovered a yearning so deep it would bring me to tears.

Yosemite. This is a place known for its incomparable beauty and grandeur. Half Dome and El Capitan are depicted in photographs around the world. From the four corners of the earth, millions come to the great valley to experience this very special park. And so I came, like the other pilgrims, not realizing that I would bow before the great god of Beauty in this place.

We arrived one afternoon in early March, unloading from our buses, all of us bustling kids, so cock sure of what we knew. But on that trip we would be stunned out of our complacency. The cold hit us, the 10-mile hikes blistered our feet, and the elevation had us gasping for breath. Along the way though, I looked up and noticed a few things. At that time of year, Yosemite takes on a different kind of beauty. There are no soft green dresses to camouflage the hardness of the stone, no rainbow of flowers to distract the eye. What we saw was unadulterated, stark nature revealed: the snow capped mountains jutting white and black up against a blinding, blue sky. This was the playground of the titans, where giant glaciers had once moved, ripping the stone asunder. I walked through the valley in silence.

Among the hard lines of stone were tucked the waterfalls, which slipped and slid and leaped over the edges to fall hundreds of feet to the ground. In winter though, a magical thing happens, the water changes to snow as it falls to the ground. The water drops start their descent at top speed, racing towards the finish line, but as they move thru space they start to change. Those racing rapids of water slow down, shifting as they slow. They transform from falling teardrops to white snowflakes that lazily drift down to the ground. At the base, they pile up, one sheet of white alighting on another, until they form a giant cone of snow, twenty feet high.

One night I had had enough of the crowd with its boisterous laughing and partying, and my friend and I wandered down to the shores of Yosemite lake. We sat for a while, talking of this and that, not really paying attention. Then we lay back against the banks and were silent for a while. In that silence crept an awareness of the universe around us. In the darkness I could see stars, millions and billions of them, winking and sparkling like tiny diamonds in a blue-black velvet sky.

Just across the water was the silhouette of El Capitan. Its mammoth shape rose up, a dark black pinnacle against the sky. Rugged. Powerful. Alone. Its form was reflected in the mirrored lake at its base. The black arrowhead shot back towards me, its image softened only by the ripples of the water. The whole night was painted in varying depths of black and dark blue. We lay that evening, cradled in the arms of the night maiden, honored to have witnessed the mountain king, standing so mighty in that night sky.

All the while I watched, I felt my heart expanding, my breath deepening. I wanted to, somehow, absorb those impressions further into myself. I longed to melt deep down into the earth, to feel completely at one with Her. It was eternity captured in a few minutes. Though I wanted that sensation to go on and on, I couldn’t sustain it, and eventually sounds from the cabins crept back into my consciousness and I drifted back to the mundane.

That night I experienced God. I do not claim to know which God it was, nor is that important. What was important was that what I felt that night was so much bigger, so much more glorious than anything I had felt before.

Years later, upon recalling that memory, I am struck by a thought. “I am a mere mortal who realizes she will never come close to creating something as glorious, as awe inspiring, as Yosemite.” Yet, I am also heartened by what mankind has been able to create in its quest for beauty: the power of Michelangelo’s David, Mozart’s heartbreaking compositions, Shakespeare’s profound poetry. And I tell myself that if I stay true to my spirit and remember my journey to the Mountain King, then maybe, just maybe, I will get a little closer to creating the beauty I lay within that night.

Winter Survival Kit.

am I the only one who’s effortlessly drinking loads of water and getting super dry skin these days?! it’s insaane!

The winter is hot and it’s cold this year and here are some of my favorite things to keep around:

* a moisturizing body cream that smells orangy ^.^

  • ginger milk and honey for that sore throat and upset stomach (this too smells AMAZING)
  • * a deep burgundy sweater that makes you want to hug yourself to feel the softness (not out of self-love)
  • * fluffy socks -obv.
  • * oh and Pinterest because it teaches you how to actually get a life and do stuff, I’m addicted! -to the scrolling not doing 🙂

— What’s in your winter survival kit? .

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Makeup Artists of Kent State University

By: Nicole Walker

Fall of 2016, 3 semesters ago, Janaye Bullock brought a new organization to Kent State University. Make Up Artists of KSU, MUA, is an organization for anyone who has a passion for makeup and beauty. MUA meets every other Monday at 7:30 pm in the QUE on Kent Campus. There are around 60 members in the organization and about 20 members on the freelance team, although they could not give an exact number because, new people come to meetings all of the time.

MUA meeting

What goes on in a typical meeting? Jada Montozzi, historian and PR chair of MUA, says that each meeting is different. They plan each meeting in the beginning of the semester. Last Monday they had a Christmas party with refreshments, product swaps, and a red lip demo. Montozzi says that her favorite part about MUA is sharing her love for makeup with her friends, and being able to take a break from her school work. Montozzi’s favorite makeup brand is Color Pop, an affordable, great quality brand. You can find color pop on . Her passion for makeup started 2 years ago when she started watching makeup tutorials on Youtube. As a member of the board she keeps track of everything, writes descriptions of the meetings, and runs the Instagram account ( .

Jada Montozzi in her Christmas sweater and red lip

Bullock is a current senior and sad to leave her organization, but is confident that she is leaving it in good hands. She is a Fashion Merchandising major with a minor in entrepreneurship but hopes to pursue a career in cosmetics after she graduates next semester. Her advice for anyone who wants to get more involved in makeup is to play with it, play with color and be bold, because at the end of the day it all washes off. Bullock says to “be bold, be fearless, and be shameless”. She actually didn’t have a passion for makeup until her freshman year of college, thanks to her roommate, her love for makeup blossomed.

Janaye Bullock in her Christmas makeup

Rachel Jurus is the secretary of MUA. Jurus attends every meeting because she is in charge of booking the rooms, going over emails, making sure the room is set up and in order. She takes notes and works on scheduling. Jurus has been apart of MUA for three semesters, and found them at Black Squirrel festival, along with Jada Montozzi. Jurus is also apart of MUA’s freelance team so she gets to put her skills to the test and do makeup on people locally. Jurus says that MUA is a big family. At meetings they share laughs, and their one common passion, makeup.

If you are interested in joining MUA, but are nervous because you do not have any experience with makeup, you can still join!! Montozzi says you do not have to be experienced at all. They love teaching and helping people learn to do things, she says this is what the organization is all about. This organization is to share the love for makeup with others. They also have demos at the meetings, so it is a great place to learn!

red lip demo
Jada Montozzi’s Christmas makeup for their Christmas party

Viral Warts Treatment — Dermatologist Talks

If you’ve ever been struck with a pesky wart over your palms or soles at least once in your life, you’ve probably been left wondering what caused it. Nope, it is no longer just a childhood infection, adults are increasingly attending my clinic with concerns about stubborn warts that don’t go away and are plain annoying. In this article, I share my experience with the common concerns of those of you who are troubled by viral warts.

Warts, also known as verruca, are growths of the skin due to human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. Several subtypes are known, and they all look different. The initial infection occurs in the top layers of the skin, it reprogrammes the skin to cause excessive growth of the keratinocytes (skin cells), leading to thickening of the skin where the viral wart has started. The most common subtypes of HPV are types 2, 3, 4, 27, 29, and 57. Warts appear first like an area of hardened skin, and when one looks carefully, one may find tiny black dots centrally, which is due to thrombosed(or clotted) tiny blood vessels.

Warts are traditionally more commonly found in school-going children and teenagers but can affect people of any age group. People suffering from eczema, whereby their skin barrier is genetically defective, are also prone to getting viral wart infections from areas of broken skin. Those who are immune suppressed are at high risk of getting larger, persistent and multiple warts. These include patients who are pregnant, on medications such as azathioprine or ciclosporin, or with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. Nevertheless, it’s perfectly normal to have a healthy young adult to suffer from viral warts as well, especially in areas of friction and contact, such as the palms and soles. The palms and soles of feet are subject to small cuts and wounds due to contact on a day to day basis. HPV virus, which is present on surfaces, then has the potential to infect the skin.

Moving on to the causes of viral warts. HPV is contagious and is most commonly spread by direct skin-to-skin contact. Another way it occurs is via scratching or picking warts, whereby the virus may be spread to other areas of uninfected skin. Common places where people pick up the wart virus are at public areas such as pools, bathrooms and gyms. Sharing footwear, slippers and shoes, walking barefoot and handling shared gym equipment that has not been properly disinfected. So yes, a good proportion of adults who visit dermatologists for treatment of their viral warts actually get it from shared gym equipment, especially when small cuts are present.

Warts are common and have a typical appearance, with painful areas of hard skin, almost like a callus, and black dots centrally. While tests are usually not required to diagnosis viral warts, there are some cases whereby the appearance or the location of the wart is unusual, leading to a missed diagnosis of a potential skin cancer. In such cases, dermatologists usually would perform either a dermatoscopic examination or may recommend a skin biopsy to distinguish viral warts from other growths such as seborrhoeic keratosis and skin cancer. It may be necessary sometimes to perform a skin biopsy for diagnosis, especially to rule out rare infections( in people who are immunosuppressed) and also skin cancers.

Small warts which otherwise don’t hurt or bother in any way can sometimes be left alone. However, once you suspect you may have a wart, do get it checked out by a dermatologist rather than using DIY methods. I have seen several patients who have used corn plasters or DIY freeze kits bought online over their wart, which all became worse after their self-treatment. I do not recommend corn plasters as these typically contain salicylic acid which is a keratolytic, essentially dissolving the thicker layers of skin overlying the wart, often causing irritation and blistering, but does not actually treat the underlying viral wart. Many end up with complications of skin infection. DIY freeze kits or not permitted legally in Singapore, however, I have had patients who purchased such kits online or overseas and ended up having severe blistering and infections, some even requiring drainage after that. The reason is that these freeze kits contain liquid nitrogen, which is meant to kill off the virus-infected skin cells and should be applied by a trained healthcare professional upon the direction and assessment of a dermatologist. Importantly, there are variations of the appearance of viral warts as well, which may lead to misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis. I have seen cases of squamous cell carcinoma, a potentially lethal form of skin cancer, for example, which had been undiagnosed because of an assumption that it was just a stubborn wart that would not go away.

The truth is, once you get a viral wart infection, the virus affects your skin’s DNA where it has infected, causing all new skin cells to be produced with the HPV virus. What that means is the treatment of viral warts is not like that of a skin growth or cyst, whereby cutting it out fully results in removal and a cure. Viral warts are persistent because they are alive, and in order to eliminate the wart virus one has to rely on stimulating the body’s own immune system to overcome the wart virus. Hence, surgeries whereby the wart is excised does not work because the HPV virus replicates and would grow the wart again.

The location of the wart, the morphology as well as the underlying health status of the patient affects the type of treatment chosen as well. There are subcategories of warts as follows which your dermatologist will diagnose you with:

Common warts and plantar warts are those commonly appearing over the palms and soles, with characteristic pinpoint black dots centrally due to clotted blood vessels, a result of the HPV virus infection. Plane warts as the name suggests, have a plane or a flat surface and are found over areas of the knuckles, the knees and the elbows. Another type known as filiform warts are protuberant with a thread-like elongated stalk and are common in areas such as the face. Mucosal warts affect areas such as the lips, inside the mouth and also the anal/genital region.

First of all, make sure the growth you are dealing with is indeed a viral wart. From there, depending on the type of viral wart, your dermatologist will suggest one or a combination of the following.

Use of topical treatment alone in the treatment of viral warts is uncommon and is usually used in combination with topical treatment i.e. creams, ointments and lotions formulated for wart treatment usually contain active ingredients such as salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is a keratolytic, which means it works by dissolving dead skin cells. Another anti-viral ingredient used is podophyllin, which destroys skin cells i.e. cytotoxic, but is prohibited in pregnancy.

Cryotherapy is the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze areas of infected skin. It is performed every one to two weeks. It is a safe and effective treatment except that it requires multiple sessions, with a success rate of about 60–70% for 3 months of regular treatments. It causes blistering and may subsequently leave a scar after treatment.

Electrosurgery and laser vaporisation would be used for larger or stubborn warts. Surgical paring is performed under local anaesthesia and the base of the wart is burned, destroying both healthy tissues together with the bulk of virus infected tissue. Wound healing is expected within two weeks generally. However, about 20%- 30% of warts do recur within a few months, although the rate of recurrence decreases with proper monitoring by a dermatologist.

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Meet with Dr. Teo Wan Lin, founder and Specialist Consultant Dermatologist of TWL Specialist Skin & Laser Centre, an accredited dermatologist specialising in medical and aesthetic dermatology. She integrates her artistic sensibility with her research background and specialist dermatologist training, by means of customised, evidence-based aesthetic treatments using state-of the-art machines, injectables (fillers and toxins) which work synergistically with her proprietary line of specialist dermatologist grade cosmeceuticals Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals.

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A New Era of Inclusive Beauty

Not long ago, finding my foundation shade was a painful guessing game, trying to figure out if I was considered a “porcelain”, “neutral” or “beige”. With 3 to 6 shades available at most, diversity at the beauty counter was not considered top-priority for many beauty brands. But in an era of influencer marketing, visual representation of the diverse spectrum of customers has paved the way for a celebration of broader shade ranges, and inclusivity. Creating a wide-range of foundation shades quickly became the new standard. In the past couple of years, social media has allowed for more representation, and enabled the consumer to be the face of their favorite brands.

New York based beauty brand, Tarte Cosmetics, is well-known for their favored Shape Tape Concealer. Notable influencers such as Nikkie De Jager and Alissa Ashley have raved about this concealer being their “holy grail” and go-to complexion product because of it’s full-coverage finish. In January of 2018, Tarte Cosmetics announced they would be launching a Tape Shape Foundation.When I found out the brand would be coming out with a corresponding foundation, with the same iconic formula, I was thrilled. Finally, a foundation that can cover everything, under-eye bags and more.

The new Shape Tape Foundation was initially launched on, and hit the shelves for a brief period of time, before I could get my hands on it. Luckily, a PR package was sent to my office, prior to the official launch date. Tarte Cosmetics launched The Tape Shape Foundation in both a hydrating and matte finish. Both of these finishes, had only 15 shades available, with ONLY 2–3 darker shades offered.

This was surprising, for a global beauty brand that built their platform around being cruelty-free and mindful of their customer’s interests. In an industry where imitation is the purest form of flattery, it surprised me that Tarte did not take into consideration that their shade-range lacked diversity. The makeup industry is now more skin-shade inclusive than ever. Similar products such as the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation, and Estée Lauder’s Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup advertise their broader shade ranges. Fenty Beauty offers 50 shades, and Estée Lauder offers an impressive 56 shades.

“I just don’t appreciate the blatant eraser of a whole spectrum of people, it doesn’t even look like they tried…You have every variation of ivory, and then you picked Mahogany and Deep Honey, to make who happy? Who were you servicing, when you did that?”

A review of Tarte’s foundation called, “Black Girls React to Tarte Shape Tape Foundation” uploaded by prominent beauty vlogger, Jackie Aina, caught the eye of more than 4-million viewers. In this video, Jackie called out the brand on the lack of inclusivity, and suggested that “there was no way that they (Tarte) wouldn’t know that people would be upset about this.” Jackie did not agree with the brand’s decision to launch this foundation, without a broad shade range: “I just don’t appreciate the blatant eraser of a whole spectrum of people, it doesn’t even look like they tried…You (Tarte) have every variation of ivory, and then you picked Mahogany and Deep Honey, to make who happy? Who were you servicing, when you did that?” All in all, Jackie stressed to her subscribers that Tarte is the most “white-washed brand” out there, and that they embody everything that she does not stand for. Following Jackie’s review, more influential bloggers started to shed light on this controversy.

In an industry that is as cut throat as the beauty industry, it is clear that the Tarte Cosmetics team failed as a whole, in the creation of this product. They did not consider the representation of all of their loyal customers, and put something out that was not finalized. In an apology issued by the brand online, Tarte claimed that this was not “malicious in any way” and they just “got so caught up” in getting the product out as fast as possible. They also promised to get the unfinished shades out to the market very soon.

Earlier this week Tarte Cosmetics finally broke their silence after one year. CEO, Maureen Kelly, introduced the new Face Tape Foundation, which was a shade extension of the original Tape Shape. In an attempt to make amends, they created a more-inclusive shade range. People on social media were quick to question: why did they change the name? And, why did they wait one year to release it, if the formula was already created? From a public relations standpoint, it is clear. Tarte was hoping that the backlash would die down, and that everyone would forget.

At the end of day, this is something that customers do not forget. With so many other complexion products on the market, it is very easy to come to the decision that one can live without Tarte Cosmetics products. Although, the original product launch was shocking to many Tartelettes, I am glad that it happened. From this, other brands have recognized the importance of listening to their consumer, and understanding what they lack. Inclusion and representation for everyone, is something that should be mandatory for all brands in the age of the consumer. Tarte Cosmetics has changed the industry standard on the importance of inclusivity.

8 Lessons for launch success: Fenty Beauty

image from Rihanna’s website — buy Fenty Beauty here:

Celebrity endorsement and influence is a big deal

Ok, so truthfully, I had no idea that so many celebrities have beauty brands. And there are a few lessons we can all learn from Riri about promotion and PR of her Fenty Beauty make up range, as she’s one woman who has certainly done very well from her launch.

There are many celebrities who have launched their own brands on the assumption that they don’t need to invest so much in their marketing and communications. Well, “I’m a celebrity, so I’m endorsing my own product, it’ll be a hit right”. Wrong.

Yes, wrong! Wrong, in my opinion because — if you don’t execute the PR & Communications effectively it may not be so memorable or a huge hit where sales are concerned. A clear lesson learned for brands who are now coming out of the woodwork and reminding us of their 40 shades brands/products which have been in existence way before Fenty Beauty landed! And that isn’t going down so well with the Rihanna Navy massive either, many of whom are jumping in to defend the Fenty Beauty brand and literally “check” all competitors publicly and call them out on the downside of their range!! See below as an example (and there are many more). Rihanna herself even commented on this brand on Instagram below!

  1. Don’t be complacent. Never assume that your big name brand will guarantee you huge sales (this is what brands like Lancome and Make Up forever did and clearly they didn’t have the success of Rihanna, or they wouldn’t be trying to show up now Fenty Beauty has landed.

Watch the BET video here

Oh and perfect timing….The Independent revealed recently, she’s just announced a special range for Christmas — her marketing team are 5* in my opinion. They certainly have other brands like Mac Cosmetics, Kylie Cosmetics, Lancome, L’Oreal , Estee Lauder and Make Up For Ever ramping up their marketing activity.

Well, I didn’t see this coming. And Rihanna has certainly done things right with the PR and promotion too in my opinion. Well, she must be doing something right as other beauty brands are now investing even more in their online strategy and stepping up their email marketing, online advertising and social media tactics!

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