Good Morning, Simon.

“Good Morning, sir.”

“Good Morning, Simon.”

“Care for some tea?”

“No thank you. Maybe just some water and oats.”

“Splendid idea, sir. I’ll whip them up at once.”



“Here you are, sir. Water and hot oats and the morning news.”

“Thank you, Simon.”

“You’re very welcome.”


“Jesus! Have you seen this article yet?”

“Oh, yes sir. I downloaded it this morning. Terrible… Just terrible.”

“What do you think is happening?”

“It’s hard to be sure, sir.”

“Have you read anything else? What are others saying about it?!”

“The popular consensus is that…”


“The popular consensus is that it’s hard to be happy.”

“Hard to be happy?!”

“That’s just the most popular idea that is circling around, sir.”

“What does that even mean? Hard to be happy…”

“I’m not quite sure. Can I get you anything else, sir?”



“Wha?… Oh no, sorry. I’m fine, Simon. Thank you very much.”




“Can I get that bowl for you, sir?”

“Oh yes… of course, sorry.”

“Perfectly alright, sir.”



“Hey Simon?”

“Yes, sir?”

“Do I appear happy to you?”

“From my perspective, sir, you have everything you need.”

“Right… I thought so as well. It just helps to hear it from you.”

“Of course, sir.”




“Pardon me sir, my morning activities are complete for the day.”

“Oh. That’s great. Thank you, Simon.”

“Permission to boot down for a few hours, sir?”

“Yes. Of course, Simon.”

“Thank you, sir.”





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