11 most important things I learned in 2017

I am 24 years old and as a background, I own a design studio. I got into writing just recently and decided to commit to it. And as part of it, I would love to share with you my most important learnings for this past year. Every time some of these things happened to me I was angry or disappointed. But now as I have reflected on them and wrote an article about it, I feel like I learned a lot. And it gives a sense of satisfaction. So I decided that I will try my best to take out the most important lessons and write short paragraphs for each lesson I learned.

Many people spend time studying the properties of animals or herbs; how much more important it would be to study those of people, with whom we must live or die!

It was a great year and hopefully, the next one will bring more learnings. Thank you for reading and I hope you got something for yourself too.

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